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  • Approx. 3 hours

    Online training supported by online tests

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By attending this training:

  • The participant understands the role/ importance of pricing & market access in the pharma industry

  • The participant understands the basics of pricing

  • The participant has a view on key pricing concepts and trends

  • The participant has an understanding of tools & techniques to apply at work


Senior Manager

Richard Maria Rahul

"Richard is a Senior Manager in the Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) team of Monitor Deloitte. He is an expert in pharma pricing. He has more than 10 years of experience in the Life Sciences industry. He has extensive knowledge of innovative pricing, market access/pricing strategy, HTA assessments, and launch excellence, with a specific focus on pricing/contracting within NextGen therapies (cell, gene, regenerative medicines)."


Maarten Moreels

"Maarten is a Director with a strong focus on Sales & Marketing and a deep expertise in pricing and commercial analytics. Prior to joining Deloitte, Maarten has gained over 8 years of business experience in divers commercial excellence topics, having worked on customer strategy, segmentation, go-to-market strategy, pricing and product portfolio management and salesforce effectiveness. At Monitor Deloitte Maarten is leading the Commercial Excellence team, bringing new and data driven approaches to customers across the globe (having supported clients in more than 23 countries)."

Senior Manager

Hans Demeyere

"Hans is a Senior Manager and an active member of Monitor Deloitte Customer and Market Strategy practice with a focus on Pricing and Commercial Excellence. Over the last 8 years, he gained extensive experience in pricing strategy and execution, commercial analytics, and market entry strategies. He performed a variety of projects including a gross-to-net optimization project, global pricing transformation (incl. tool implementation), the organization of Pricing Academy and a market entry strategy in Middle East and Africa. In addition Hans facilitates pricing certification programs for pricing managers across industries."

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction: Pharma Essentials

    • Introduction: Trainers

    • Introduction: Content overview

  • 2

    Value creation

    • Value Creation: Introduction

    • Question: Introduction

    • Value Creation: Payment and Reimbursement (P&R): systems and trends

    • Questions: Payment and Reimbursement (P&R) systems and trends

    • Evidence generation & strategy development

    • Question: Evidence generation & strategy development

  • 3

    Value definition & quantification

    • Health economic modeling & value cascade

    • Question: Health economic modeling & value cascade

    • Value message development, testing & refinement

    • Question: Value message development, testing & refinement

    • Managed entry agreements

    • Question: Managed entry agreements

    • Innovative pricing methods

    • Question: Innovative pricing methods

  • 4

    Value implementation

    • Value implementation: Introduction

    • Question: Introduction Value Implementation

    • IRP, launch sequencing & readiness

    • Question: IRP, launch sequencing & readiness

    • Gross-to-net management

    • Question: Gross-to-net management

    • Price corridors & trade diversion

    • Question: Price corridors & trade diversion

    • Tender management

    • Question: Tender management

  • 5

    Role of Market Access and Pricing in the pharma industry

    • Stages from development to commercialization/Roles and responsibilities of a pricing manager

    • Question: Role of Market Access and Pricing in the Pharma

  • 6

    Market Access & Pricing Research & Analysis

    • Analytics and tools

    • Question: Analytics and Tools

    • Research Tools

    • Question: Research Tools

  • 7

    Outro: Pharma Essentials

    • Goodbye

  • 8

    Your evaluation of the training Pharma Pricing Essentials!

    • Your evaluation of the training